Accommodation Catering and Events hierarchy of dealing with waste is Reduce, Reuse Recycle we now strive at all times to send any waste at all to landfill.

If we have waste which we can’t deal with in in the above way we would send the waste to create energy (RDF - refused defined fuel). Our day to day waste is contracted to Biffa for the Pollock Halls site the City of Edinburgh Council for the flatted sites. Biffa as our service provider sends our day to day general waste to RDF so we have 0% waste to landfill.


Reducing waste is the most effective component of the waste hierarchy, we encourage staff and students to reduce their waste by purchasing in bulk, buying items with less packaging, switching to reusable instead of single-use items, sharing goods and introducing a collection of unwanted goods at the end of the students leases, which is given back to the new students at the beginning of the following semester.  This generates less waste, and in addition benefits the environment, and can reduce significant business and individual costs. 

As Pollock Halls accommodation is on a full board basis it is important to us to deal responsibly with potential food waste through student education, watch this short video to see how we achieve this.


ACE strives to reuse as much of our equipment, furniture as we possibly can, if we can’t use it then we will work in various partnerships with local charities so that others can benefit from our waste. At the end of term we collect all waste students can’t take home or use, store the items over the summer and give these back to the new students in a Free Shop during arrivals week. We work with the following charities to redistribute any other goods we can’t use for the Free shop these include:

  • British Heart foundation - We redirect furniture and small unwanted goods to the BHF
  • Fresh Start - We direct our unwanted duvets, pillows, linen and crockery/cutlery
  • SHRUB - The first student lead cooperative in Scotland, we help with stock for their shop and in return they help us with end of lease collections 
  • Edinburgh Direct Aid - On occasions Edinburgh Direct Aid send containers to disadvantaged parts of the world to help people survive, we help by donating, duvets, pillows and linen. Furniture is often reupholstered and reused in other properties, rather than buying new items of furniture.


Day-to-day recycling at Pollock Halls is a simple system, in each pantry there are 4 bins:

Blue Bin

Paper only – newspapers, magazines, plain while paper (not paper handtowels, sweetie wrappers etc.)


Yellow Bin

Glass only - Please empty and wash items before putting them in the bin


Red Bin

Wet Waste - This bin is for any sanitary waste, wet towels (hand towels), food waste, sweetie papers, as this waste is send to RDF to create energy


Green Bin

ALL other Dry Waste - It is important that any waste going into this bin is DRY mixed waste, items such as cardboard, plastics any waste which you think can be recycled. This waste is taken to a recycling transfer station where the waste is sorted into different categories, so don’t worry if you are uncertain if it is recyclable or as long as it is dry waste please put it in this bin.


In the University buildings the recycling systems are slightly different but we both use the same transfer stations – watch video below which will explain the system in the University buildings and how the waste is dealt with at the transfer stations….