If you would like to leave your accommodation before your current lease end date then you now have the opportunity, between 23rd – 31st March, to let us know.  When you e-mail to tell us you want to end your lease then this will start the 28 day notice period, for example if you e-mail us on 24th March, your lease end date will be 28 days later on the 20th April.

You need to leave your accommodation on or before your new lease end date. If you leave before this date you still need to pay rent up until the new lease end date.  If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to travel home after your new lease end date, please get in touch via accom.allocations@ed.ac.uk, and we can look at different accommodation options for you.

If you have paid for your accommodation in full, you will be entitled to a refund for any overpaid rent.  It will take approximately 6 weeks from today for you to receive this. You can check the status of your account through the Finance channel, and you will be notified through this channel when your refund has been processed.

The 1st April payment collection will still take place. Please be assured that if this means you are due a refund once this payment has been taken, this will be arranged.

If you pay in instalments, you may still be due to pay for your remaining time with us. The amount due will be amended to reflect the change in your lease term and you will be invoiced and payment will be taken by 1st May.

If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to travel home after your lease end date please get in touch via accom.allocations@ed.ac.uk, and we can look at different accommodation options for you.

If you haven’t already, could you please advise us of the date you plan to leave your accommodation, if that’s before your new lease end date.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth departure from your accommodation

 To avoid charges for cleaning or improper check out, please ensure you have followed our moving out guidance:


Where should I return my keys?

Key return envelopes are available from your site office. Please use this envelope for your keys, indicating the flat and room number and return your keys to the site office. Failure to return keys will require us to complete a lock change at the cost of £50.

I have already left and taken my keys with me?

If you have already left and you have not returned your keys we will be required to complete a lock change if we do not receive the keys back within the next 7 days recorded delivery. 

Please post all keys to:

Accommodation, Catering and Events

Property Team

Pollock Halls

18 Holyrood Park Road


EH16 5AY

Before leaving what should I do?

The communal areas of your flat/ accommodation are cleaned by the domestic staff but you are responsible for the following:

  •          Cleaning your bedroom thoroughly, including vacuuming, dusting the furniture, clearing out rubbish, removal of personal items and replacing curtains and lampshades
  •          Removing all your personal belongings, foodstuffs, bottles, rubbish, bicycles, hired electrical goods, boxes, items of furniture not on the inventory, unwanted clothing. Please note air clothes dryers and coat hangers can be left in the flat for new occupants to use. Please do not leave items for your neighbours or flatmates without consulting with them first.  
  •          For anything in good condition that you don’t want to take, consider donating to charity or dropping into the British Heart Foundation boxes.  
  •          Removing your posters or stickers – please do so carefully, as any damage to wallpaper or paintwork will be charged for.
  •          Clearing your rubbish from all cupboards and other storage areas

 Will I be charged if I do not leave my room clean and free of rubbish?

Yes, it is very important that you have packed everything and taken it with you as any items left in your room will be disposed of.

If you do leave items in your room, we will charge £10 per bag to clear your room.  Please be aware that charges will also apply to cover any costs associated with returning the flat to the condition it was in when you arrived.  This could include cleaning fees and repairing any damage.

What should I do with by duvet or pillow?

All duvets and pillows should be left bagged in your room and we will arrange for disposal of these items.

What should I do if I have already left my room, including its contents, and will not return prior to lease end?

You will need to ensure that you arrange for your belongings to be collected. The details of recommended storage and transport companies are detailed in the answer below. We appreciate that due to the current restrictions in travel and movement that it may not be possible to arrange for your room to be cleared quickly. All we ask is that you arrange for this to happen once the restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to do so. If this means your belongings remain in your room after your lease end, you will not be charged.

What should I do if I need to store or transport my belongings?

There are a number of storage and transport companies that we recommend, these include: Flexi Store, UniBaggage, ParcelForce, DHL and Edinburgh Uni Storage.

If you do not want to use a storage company you can nominate a friend to pack up and clear your room for you.  If this is something you would like to do please email your accommodation manager from your university email account to arrange this.  You will need to give us the name and contact details of the person who will be acting on your behalf.

Can you redirect my mail to my new address?

Accommodation, Catering and Events are unable to redirect your mail. All post received after you leave will be returned to the sender. Collect and complete a post redirection form from any Post Office (this is a chargeable service) to make sure any post is redirected accordingly.


What if I’ve left without sorting out my accommodation for next year? How can I do this remotely?

 More advice on the options available to you and where to go for help will be provided in coming weeks.

We wish you a safe journey home.

ACE Allocations Team.