Following well documented delays in completion of the new Holyrood South accommodation last year, there is some understandable concern as to whether the same thing will happen again at Holyrood North.

The situation this year is very different and no repeat of the delays experienced last year are expected; the main reason being the build programme for Holyrood North has been much longer than was the case for Holyrood South. The rooms at Holyrood North come in four blocks and the contractors are reporting that the blocks will be completed in the period June to August, still in good time for students to move into on Saturday 12 September.

So, if you are a new postgraduate student considering your accommodation options and whether to select Holyrood North as one of your preferences, including the innovative new Residence Hall, you can do so with confidence.

And just to let you know - as is usual, we expect to start to make offers for most of our postgraduate accommodation from June on.

Richard Kington
Director of Accommodation Services