The University will be open and ready to teach at the start of the new academic year.

We know it is critical that your education is all that you expected it to be and that it is provided in a safe and welcoming environment. We are delighted you want to come to Edinburgh and we want to give you everything you wanted from us, despite the challenges.

We intend to be ready to teach despite any travel restrictions, wherever our students are in the world. As we adapt to this Covid-19 pandemic we are shaping our delivery to ensure that all students - whether here in Edinburgh with us, or elsewhere in the world and joining us a little later in the academic year when circumstances allow - will be fully part of our community.

We will provide more detail on this by the end of May. This may mean we change the format or order of our teaching, but be reassured that our Edinburgh graduate qualities will be as excellent as ever. Changes will vary by degree and individual Schools will contact offer-holders over the coming weeks to confirm how these changes will apply.

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