If you wish to permanently leave University accommodation, we will be flexible and will not hold you to the 28-day notice period.

If you would like to give notice and leave your accommodation please log into https://www.myed.ed.ac.uk/myed-progressive/

  • Select Student Life
  • Select Accommodation.
  • Select Term Time 2020-21
  • Click Request Lease Termination and follow the steps.

 Your request will be passed on to the appropriate team and reviewed and you will receive a response within two working days.

Once your lease break has been approved, you will be asked to let us know when you have departed, cleared your room and handed in your key. Once we have received confirmation of this, we will end your lease and you will receive any refund due.

You will need to update your student record if you are permanently moving and plan to study remotely, but have previously let the University know that you would be studying/conducting research on-campus. Please contact your personal tutor or school to discuss any necessary implications that remote learning may have on your programme or course.

If you have not yet moved into your accommodation and are no longer planning to come to Edinburgh, please email accom.allocations@ed.ac.uk to advise us of this.