New 2020 Students

We appreciate some of you might be awaiting your revised grades and an unconditional firm offer from the University of Edinburgh, therefore we have extended our guarantee to Monday 7 September. 

For those receiving the Irish Leaving Cert results, we have extended the guarantee to Thursday 10 September (this is for Irish Leaving Cert results only).

You are guaranteed an offer of University accommodation if:

  • you are a new, single student at the University of Edinburgh; and
  • your online accommodation application is received by 16 August in the year of entry to the University; and
  • you are UF (Unconditional Firm) on UCAS by 30 August in the year of entry to the University; and 
  • you reside outside the City of Edinburgh; and
  • you are studying at the University of Edinburgh for the whole academic year, starting in September.