You are guaranteed an offer of University accommodation if:

-  you are a new, single student at the University of Edinburgh; and

-  your online accommodation application is received by 16 August in the year of entry to the University; and

-  you are UF (Unconditional Firm) on UCAS by 30 August in the year of entry to the University; and 

-  you reside outside the City of Edinburgh; and

-  you are studying at the University of Edinburgh for the whole academic year, starting in September.


Information on the guarantee available to part-year (single semester) Visiting  students


For reasons of demand versus the available supply of accommodation, we cannot guarantee to provide you with precisely the type of accommodation you might prefer. But, and given the great range of accommodation that we do have, we will always do our best to offer you something which most closely matches the preferences you express when applying.

If your home address is within the City of Edinburgh, you are still encouraged to apply as early as you can for accommodation and go on to our waiting list. We will do everything we reasonably can to provide an offer of accommodation but this will be subject to availability; any offers will typically be made in the date order we receive applications.


Undergraduate accommodation guide 2018 entry