Pollock Halls has two music rooms available to students who wish to practise their instruments or rehearse in a group.

Holland House music room

This music room is located just off the entrance to the Holland House Microlab.

You are welcome to practise with your own instruments, though we would ask that you respect other people who may be studying and muffle the drum kits.


  • The rooms is an appriate size for a group practice or gigging and it contains several chairs
  • Contains a piano, electric drum kit and music stands¬†


Booking sheets can be found outside the Microlab office.

Opening hours

Every day 9am to 9.30pm

Chancellors Court music room

This music room is located on the basement level just after the main entrance to the left and before the bridge going into Absorb.

As this is a secure building you need to ask at the Main Reception for an access card.


  • This room is a reasonable size for small groups
  • Contains a grand piano¬†


Booking sheets are in the music room