Self-Isolation in our accommodation

Why self-isolating is important

When you arrive at your final destination in Scotland, it may be necessary for you to self-isolate and stay in your accommodation for 14 days. After you catch the virus, it can take up to 14 days for you to develop coronavirus symptoms and, in this time, you can pass on the virus to others. Self-isolating will help Scotland keep the R number low and help avoid more people contracting COVID-19.  This safeguards family, friends and the community, as well as helping to protect the NHS. For more information on how to self-isolate, go to

What to do if you need to self-isolate

Current Scottish Government COVID-19 protection measures require residents arriving from a number of countries outside of the UK to self-isolate on arrival, currently a 14-day period. If you fall into this category, it is essential that you inform us of your need to isolate so we can provide practical support.

If you do need to self-isolate, please can you complete the form below and a member of our Community Support Team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm arrangements. Please note if you have previously provided details regarding the need to self-isolate we still require you to complete the above form. 

Self-isolation form

During the period of this isolation, the person in isolation will reside with other residents/flatmates. In these circumstances, the rest of the household are not required to self-isolate (unless the resident begins to present symptoms of COVID-19). However, the self-isolating resident will be required to remain in their room and minimise contact with other residents.

To assist in reducing contact, ACE can provide and deliver meal packs to the resident in isolation to reduce the need to use kitchen facilities. It is important all household members follow hygiene protocols, such as regular hand washing, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces including door handles with disinfectant before and after every use and cleaning materials will be provided for this purpose.


It is useful to note that over this extended Arrivals period new residents may join your household at a different time to yourself and need to self-isolate upon arrival. You may also find residents self-isolating on your arrival.


Self-isolating due to arriving from outside the UK

Under current Scottish Government guidelines, you must self-isolate for 14 days if you are travelling from the countries listed here.

The University of Edinburgh can provide accommodation for those who need to self-isolate (see details below). While in self-isolation you should not have visitors, including friends and family, unless they are providing essential care. The only friends and family who you can have contact with are those who travelled with you or the other residents in your accommodation. These people are defined as your household. The people staying in your household do not need to stay at home, unless they also travelled from outside the UK.

 If you have to share facilities, ie bathrooms, common rooms or kitchens/pantries careful cleaning will be required after each person has used the shared facilities - this is your responsibility. We can provide cleaning materials for you and our domestic staff will visit regularly to assist in the cleaning of communal areas.  Please make sure you use separate towels from the other people in your household, both for drying yourself after bathing or showering and for hand-hygiene purposes.  While you are self-isolating, try to physically separate yourself from other people in your household as much as you can if they are not self-isolating.

You should not go out to lectures or visit public areas. The majority of Welcome Week will be digital and, therefore, you can enjoy these events in the comfort of your own room. You should not go shopping, other than to obtain basic necessities. If you require help buying groceries, other shopping or picking up medication and/or in order to limit your need to go out for basic necessities, you should ask friends or relatives or order a delivery (see below).   You will be offered packed meals per day delivered directly to your room by the Community Support Team.

Self-isolating if you or someone in your household has symptoms

People who have symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate for 10 days, and the people you live with should self-isolate for 14 days. That means not leaving the house at all, even to exercise or to get food and medicine. You must contact the NHS to arrange to be tested for COVID-19 – for all the information on how to get tested go to

While you are self-isolating, try to physically separate yourself from other people in your household as much as you can. Spend as little time as possible in shared facilities such as your sitting room, kitchen or bathrooms and try and avoid while others are present. If you can, use a separate bathroom from the rest of the household. If you do need to share a toilet and bathroom, wipe clean any surfaces you come in contact with. After you wash your hands, dry them with a separate towel from others in your household.  When your whole household is isolating, domestic staff will no longer visit your flat but will continue to clean in other communal areas.

You should not go out to buy shopping or pick up necessities. Pharmacies can often arrange to deliver repeat prescriptions if you run out while you remain at home. Other people can collect a prescription on your behalf. If should order a delivery for shopping (see below). You will be offered packed meals per day delivered directly to your room by the Community Support Team.

See below information that explains more about your self-isolation period while in University of Edinburgh accommodation

Cleaning and hygiene

Your bedroom

  • Your bedroom has been hygienically cleaned including all touch points and surfaces
  • There is an initial supply of cleaning products provided to clean communal spaces before and after use

Public areas

  • Our staff carry out regular cleaning of public areas in all accommodation locations
  • Cleaning staff will ensure that all touch points in public areas are cleaned regularly for your safety.

Wifi (included in the accommodation charge)

If you are moving directly in to your University of Edinburgh term time accommodation on your arrival date and need to self-isolate:
  • You will be offered packed meals, delivered directly to your room by the Community Support Team
  • You will also be provided with cleaning supplies to be used when accessing communal spaces such as the kitchen/pantry and bathroom where applicable before and after use. We encourage you to liaise with your flatmates and utilise these spaces at quieter times and always observe physical distancing and strongly encourage you to wear a face covering.
  • You can pre-purchase a bedding pack via your MyAccommodation Hub should you need one
  • You will receive regular check-ins from the Community Support Team
  • The Residence Life team will provide support and will contact you; provide opportunities to meet other students online; encourage you to take part in social events online; provide advice on how to live communally and follow up-to-date guidance in your accommodation; answer questions about University life and connect you with support services where necessary
  • You are also encouraged to bring with you some cleaning supplies, adequate medication should you require it, towels and toiletries for use during this period unless you are going to place an online shop for delivery (please wait until you have arrived before arranging any deliveries).
If you are planning on arriving to University of Edinburgh’s Accommodation prior to your arrival date you can complete your 14 days self-isolation in one of the University's hotels
  • We can offer accommodation for early arrivals at £25 per night in one of our hotels (subject to availability).  This includes three packed meals per day that would be dropped at your hotel room door.  Please note that there are no cooking facilities within these rooms and your room will not be serviced for the duration of your stay (although fresh linen and towels will be provided).  To book this accommodation, please email:

Online ordering for meals or provisions

To order, go onto any of the websites below, register as a new customer, choose a delivery time slot, choose items and place them in your ‘shopping basket’ and proceed to the online checkout.  You will have to pay with credit/debit card. When the delivery arrives to your door they will ring your door bell or phone you.

Many local restaurants and cafes offer delivery services (see below); these are most popular by our students. Enter your postcode on the website/app and view the food options available and how long the delivery will take to arrive. You will have to pay with credit/debit card. It will be delivered to your door, they will ring the doorbell to the apartment or phone you.