All tenancies are on a 'sole and several' basis, which means that each tenant is responsible for his or her own rent payments only.

When you accepted your offer of accommodation, unless you settled your accommodation fees upfront, you would have agreed to pay these fees by instalments by Direct Debit or Recurring card Payment monthly or termly, all instalments will be collected automatically using the details you provided when you signed your contract unless stated otherwise.

The payment date for our 2018/19 academic year is the 1st of the month or the nearest working day after this date. If there were to be any changes made on our payment collection date, we would notify you at least 10 working days in advance.

All answers to our most frequently asked questions, such as how to make a payment, change your method of payment or view your instalment plan can be found here.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you should arrange to speak to someone from the Rent Payment Section as soon as you can and at least 10 working days prior your payment is due if you wish to request a postponement of an instalment. You can contact the Rent Payment Section:

  • By phone on 0131 651 2118
  • By email at
  • In person at the Reception Centre, Pollock Halls; Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Students who do not pay as expected are considered to have defaulted on their legal obligation and arrears action will be taken.

Reminders, sent to University student email account, should not be ignored. Even if you think the reminder has been sent in error, please do get in touch with us. 

Our team will at all times seek to be sympathetic to and understanding of each individual student's financial circumstances.

If you are receiving financial help from family, friends or similar please ensure they are aware of payment amounts and dates as this will not be considered a reason for delaying payment.


Accommodation Managers manage your student accommodation. Accommodation Managers are responsible for the smooth and orderly running of the accommodation. If you have any problems, or need advice on any aspect of your accommodation please contact your Accommodation Manager.


The kitchens are equipped with kettles, refrigerators/freezers, cookers and microwave ovens. Tidiness in the kitchen and security of food are responsibilities shared by the residents. Any additional appliances brought in by tenants for use in the kitchen must be fused and earthed to comply with UK electrical safety requirements.

Additional cooking appliances are not permitted in bedrooms. Any such appliances found will be instructed to be removed. Failure to do so will result in Accommodation, Catering and Events removing the items to store. Additional heaters are not required and are also not permitted.

The following equipment is prohibited under your occupancy agreement: Personal kettles, fridges or other cooking or food storage equipment, irons, clothes washing/drying equipment or electric heaters/dehumidifiers in bedrooms.


Fundamental to organising your finances Non UK Residents should note that it may take up to three or four weeks after your arrival in the UK to open a bank account.

What you will need:

Confirmation of your UK address. You will be able to print an approved letter for the bank from your MyEd record once you have checked into your accommodation.

  • Passport, or driving licence if you are a UK Resident.
  • Visa (If applicable)
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance.

You can use your bank account to set up a Direct Debit mandate so the money due for your rent will be collected automatically. Please note you will be required to set up a recurring card payment before you arrive which can then be changed once you have a UK bank account.


Bedding is not provided, you are required to provide your won.


Go green - travel by bus

The University is served by a comprehensive network of buses which are largely provided by Lothian buses

See the Transport and Parking office website for more information on bus travel including the University shuttle bus service and the Traveline Scotland journey planner.


Candles are a fire risk and not permitted in University Accommodation

Any students contravening this regulation will be fined up to a maximum of £250 under the code of student conduct.


Car Parking is extremely limited in Edinburgh

Parking enquiries (where it is available), should be made to the Reception Centre, Pollock Halls. Staff at the Reception Centre can also advise if there is parking available at any nearby accommodation site.

Street parking permits in certain areas can be applied for through the City of Edinburgh Council


The Chaplaincy offers support to students and staff. The main Chaplaincy Centre in Bristo Square is well used for drop in, meetings and is where the Chaplaincy staff are based.


Information on the services provided by the city council, ranging from schools to re-cycling centres. Essential reading if you are new to the city.


Check your sms e-mail account regularly

Please note we will communicate with you via a number of different ways, e-mail, telephone voice or text and notice boards. In line with University policy, e-mails will be sent to your University SMS account; you must check this on a regular basis.


We are here to help if you have a complaint If we cannot resolve the problem please follow the procedure outlined in the link below:



Check whether you have full or partial exemption

All fully matriculated full-time students are exempt from council tax until the end date of your course. Please note this may not coincide with your lease end date and you may then be liable for charges between the two dates. In addition, if you are a family or couple and you have a partner who is not a full-time student you may be liable to pay some council tax.

Please contact the City of Edinburgh Council on 0131 469 5000, or visit:


The Student Counselling Service offers counselling to assist students in working through their difficulty, understand themselves better and find ways of managing their situation.


Where there are secure BICYCLE SHEDS (or railings) please use them.

Cycling is a cheap and healthy way to get around. There is a network of on and off road cycle routes in Edinburgh.

Cycle maintenance - the University provides a number of facilities for cycle maintenance. For more information including free bike doctor sessions.

Bikes are not permitted to be kept in the flat, stairwell or landing. Any damage caused to the flat, stairwell or landing by taking a bike into or out of the building will be charged to you. Any bike left in the stairwell or landing will be removed, as this constitutes a fire hazard.

You may obtain the code/key to the bike shed from the site office, where applicable, or from Pollock Halls Reception Centre. Please ensure you have a good lock for your bike, and that you remove it from the bike shed at the end of your tenancy.

Accommodation, Catering and Events is not liable for any damage caused to bikes kept in the bike shed. Please ensure you have sufficient insurance cover for your bike.

More information can be found in the 'Insurance' section below.


BE WARNED: You will be charged for DAMAGES!

Please respect your accommodation, furniture and fittings and do not damage or vandalise them. Any damage caused by you or your guests will be charged to you. Un-attributable damage in shared areas (this includes the stairwells and laundry where provided) will be split between ALL tenants in the flat or block, whichever is appropriate.


Read this before making your move

If you wish to leave before your lease end date, you must find a replacement tenant. Any replacement must be a fully matriculated student and not currently living in our accommodation. For more information please contact your Accommodation Manager.

If you have completed your course, your lease can be ended by providing confirmation from your department, on receipt of this we can accept one months notice of your intention to leave the property.


The Student Disability Service offer guidance and support for disabled students.


All students are subject to the UNIVERSITY CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT

Students are subject to the University Code of Student Conduct. Serious breaches of discipline, whether caused by misuse of the fire equipment or use of illegal drugs will be dealt with under this code.


Drive down costs - SHARE CARS

Edinburgh Global

Providing essential information for international students.


ELECTRICITY is NOT included in your rent

If you have storage heating included in your rent, you will only be liable for the cost of all other electricity used. Storage heating is provided by Scottish Power. You must register and set up your account with Scottish Power on arrival - please call 0845 2700 700. You will need your full flat address and postcode. You must take meter readings (reading 1 and 2 only) on moving in, this will prevent you being charged for any energy used by previous occupants.

For flats which do not have storage heating included in the rent, you may need to establish who your supplier is and how to contact them, please call 0330 10 10 300 - you will need your full flat address and postcode to obtain this information. It is essential that you register with a supplier on entry to the flat. You will also require your full flat address and postcode when registering with your new supplier. You must take meter readings on moving in, this will prevent you being charged for any energy used by the previous occupants.

We recommend that you register all members of the group with the supplier. This spreads the liability for the account. Accommodation, Catering and Events will also note your details which will be forwarded to the supplier should bills remain unpaid.

If you receive any bill which is "estimated", please take meter readings and obtain an actual account. Paying on estimated accounts can lead to you facing a large bill on leaving the flat.

If your meter is ever replaced, please inform your Accommodation Manager immediately. Please provide the new meter serial number and meter readings showing on the meter when it is installed.

Please refer to section "H" of this 'A to Zed' for those flats with "Heat with Rent"


Ensure you know who to contact in an emergency


  • Contact the University Health Centre, The Richard Verney Health Centre, or your GP (General Practitioner) if registered elsewhere. For the University Health Centre, phone: 0131 650 2777.
  • Out of hours, i.e., between 6:00pm and 8:00am on weekdays, at weekends and on public holidays, Lothian Health Service is responsible for medical care. To contact this service, phone NHS 24 on 111. In case of an emergency, call an ambulance by phoning 999.


  • If you see an intruder, or anything suspicious, report it immediately to ACE Security Team (phone: 0131 667 1971).
  • To report a crime, contact St Leonard's Police Station (phone 101).
  • In an emergency dial 999.


Edinburgh University Student's Association. Find out what your Association can do for you. Providing a wide range of information from What's On to The Advice Place.


Make sure you know what to do in the event of a fire

A Fire Action Notice will be displayed in your flat on/next to the flat door. Please read this and ensure you understand what you need to if there is a fire in your flat.


Always vacate the property if you hear a FIRE ALARM and ring 999 for the fire brigade. Don't assume someone else has phoned them.

  • All flats are equipped with a Fire Alarm system. These have been installed for your safety and any misuse is a criminal offence. The break-glass (where provided) should only be used in the event of a fire. 
  • In the event of a fire alarm activation, you should evacuate the building immediately; you must ALWAYS vacate the building when you hear the fire alarm. Please note that failure to leave the premises is a criminal offence; the Fire Brigade may press charges and you will be subject to a fine up to a maximum of £250 under the code of student conduct. You may not re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade has attended the scene, has ascertained that the building is safe and has given its consent for re-occupancy.
  • You are not permitted to use candles on the premises.
  • Fire safety video link -


For University owned flats, the fire alarm is tested weekly, or once per semester. This test is carried out by Accommodation, Catering and Events staff. However for Private HMO flats, residents are required to test their own fire alarm system weekly and record this in the fire log provided. Your Accommodation Manager can provide any further information required.


Register with a supplier

If your flat has a gas supply, it is essential that you register with a supplier at the start of your tenancy. To establish who your supplier is, please call 0870 608 1524. You will need your full flat address and postcode to obtain this information. You will also require this information when registering with your new supplier. You must take meter readings on moving into the flat. This will prevent you being charged for any energy used by previous tenants.

Accommodation, Catering and Events will take a note of your details which will be forwarded to the supplier in the event of an unpaid bill.


Gas Safety Certificate

  • If you have a gas supply, you will find a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate in your flat showing that all gas appliances in the flat have been checked and are safe to use. This must be renewed annually. Contact your Accommodation Manager if you do not have a copy of this certificate.


  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Open all doors and windows to get rid of the gas as quickly as possible
  • DO NOT switch on or off any electrical appliances (including lights)
  • DO NOT smoke
  • DO NOT use naked flames For EMERGENCIES call free on 0800 111 999


You are responsible for your overnight GUESTS.

Family and friends are welcome to visit however they are only permitted to stay for a maximum of three nights. Residents who wish for their guests to stay longer should make contact with their Accommodation Manager via email to request permission. Sub-letting the property may be permitted during the vacation period with approval from your Accommodation Manager.


Contact your Accommodation Manager if you are suffering HARASSMENT

The University prohibits harassment of any type. This includes any threatening or offensive behaviour or language expressed orally or in writing, including electronically. We recommend that you take particular care when using social media web sites.

You are strongly encouraged to review the University guidelines on dignity and respect 

For further advice and support contact The Advice Place


Register with a local GP, or at the University HEALTH Centre

Upon arrival you should register with a local GP (Medical Practice). The University has its own Health Centre, the Richard Verney Health Centre is located in the Student Centre at Bristo Square; you may wish to register there.

If you have any special requirements linked to your health, which have not already been addressed, please contact your Accommodation Manager to discuss these.


Read the HEALTH AND SAFETY Guidelines

Maintaining Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility, staff and students. To help you play your part please read our Health and Safety Guidelines for Students which can be found below:

Communal Areas of Buildings

We have reviewed our accommodation buildings to facilitate safe entry and exit and in line with this you will see that appropriate signage has been displayed in communal areas. Please observe our signage in these areas and be mindful of physical distancing at all times.

As there are no handwashing or sanitisation facilities in communal stairwells we recommend that you are mindful of the hard touch surfaces which are frequently touched by others sharing the building e.g. bannisters and door handles and that you wash your hands as soon you get home for at least 20 seconds, alternatively you may wish to carry with you a small bottle of hand sanitiser.


Electric heating is included in the rent of some flats

Background heating in flats is provided by electric storage radiators. These store up heat at night and release it throughout the day. (Note: they need to be turned on at night if you want heat the following day).

Electricity for the storage heaters is controlled by Scottish Power through 'Weathercall'. Depending on the weather and the temperature, the system automatically adjusts the power supply to keep rooms at a standard 18 degrees centigrade.

There are normally two dials on the top of a storage radiator. The 'input' dial sets the general temperature level. The 'output', or 'boost', dial controls how quickly heat is released into the room. We recommend that the 'output' dial is kept on a low setting and only turned up in the evening for a few hours if necessary.

Storage radiators need to be switched on at the mains switch adjacent to the heater. There may be two switches on the wall, one for the storage part and another for the convector part of the heater.

Some heaters are also fitted with a convector heater. This provides additional heating immediately when you activate the switch on the front of the appliance (a red light should come on). Please note that in properties where rents are not all-inclusive of electricity, the charge for using the convector is not included in your rent and will be charged for separately by your energy provider. In some of our sites the convector heater is on a timer so that it switches off automatically after 30 minutes to avoid it being left on.


Check to see if you need additional cover

As part of your tenancy agreement, you automatically receive contents insurance for your room. Contents insurance at our returning properties is provided by Cover4students.

Cover4students insurance information (pdf)

Please note that additional cover is required for bikes or mobile phones.

If you have expensive items which exceed the stated limits, you are advised to take out further insurance to cover these.

If your room is broken into, the following information will be required for insurance claim purposes:

  • The time the break in was discovered
  • The name of the person who discovered it
  • The police officer and police station informed of a list of missing items
  • The method by which thieves gained entry
  • Crime reference number


SOME of our returning student flats have internet provided by Optify. This service provides high quality broadband internet and IP telephony.

Where this is not provided you are required to make your own arrangements directly with a private provider at your own cost.


Check with care

Please check the sticker on the front of your welcome pack for guidance on where to locate your inventory. You will either have a paper inventory enclosed in the welcome pack or be directed to your Accommodation Hub to complete your online inventory. Please note you have 7 days from the date you check in to complete the inventory.

You should include comments on the condition of the carpet, vinyl, furnishings, curtains and decoration, where they are marked or damaged. Please remember that this is YOUR record of the condition of the flat when you arrived and it is in your interest to return it. You will be charged for any damage that we believe to have been caused by you or your group. If you would like any assistance in completing this task, please contact your Accommodation Manager who will be happy to help.

The flat should be clean when you move in. If it is not, please contact your Accommodation Manager immediately. The household items you can expect to be provided in your Domus property are as follows:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Desk Lamp
  • Broom
  • Ironing Board
  • Kitchen Bin
  • Shower Curtain (if applicable)
  • Microwave


Collecting KEYS for your flat

If you are in a single or group flat, each individual must collect their own set of keys. We do not allow any other person to collect the keys, including if you give written permission. This is for security reasons.
If you do not arrive on the first day that your lease starts, this is not a problem. Your keys will be kept for you until you are able to collect them and you must bring along photo ID.

Report the loss of KEYS immediately

Always report any loss of keys immediately to your Accommodation Manager, or if it is out with normal office hours, to the Reception Centre at Pollock Halls. If you think the keys have been stolen, please contact the Police as well.

If you lose your key(s), you will be liable for the cost of replacement. Please do not tag your keys with an address - if a tagged key is lost the lock will have to be changed, as this has implications for your safety. The cost of doing the work will be charged to you. NEVER give your key to anyone else.

If you are locked out of your flat and/or lose your keys ,the following charges will apply:
During office hours £5 - £20 (depending on cost of replacement key)
Out of office hours £20
Please note our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00.


Crockery and cutlery are not provided. Please refer to your inventory.


Washing machines are provided where possible in family flats.

Some University blocks of flats have coin-operated laundries that are supplied by an external company. In the case of faults, tenants should contact the supplier direct, as indicated on the notices in the laundry. In most cases this will be Circuit Laundries - phone 0800 092 4068.

Circuit Laundry also operate a system called laundry view where you can check machine availability from the comfort of your room. Please view the following web page for more information: 

Laundries can be viewed using laundry view to report repairs and check if machines are free.


Supply your own replacement LIGHT BULBS

Tenants must provide replacement bulbs for their own flats. For your own safety, you should always have working lightbulbs in common areas and cupboards. Please use energy saving/energy efficient bulbs wherever possible.

If the light bulb is in a sealed unit, this will be replaced by Accommodation, Catering and Events. Please contact your Accommodation Manager to arrange a replacement, this includes shaver lights, under counter kitchen lighting and extractor fan lights.


Make sure your flat's full postal address is used

Please make sure that anyone sending you mail has the FULL CORRECT address for your flat.

You must arrange with the Royal Mail to have your mail redirected when you leave the accommodation.


NOISE is one of the most common complaints we receive

Noise is probably the most common complaint we receive. Noise should be kept at a minimum after 10:00 pm, and special consideration should also be given during exam time. If you are experiencing a problem with noise, please contact your Accommodation Manager or ACE Security. You can also contact the Police on 101 to report noise problems.

For further information, please visit.

EUSA Being a good neighbour info


PORTERS help run our accommodation

Accommodation, Catering and Events employs a team of Porters to assist in the running of our sites. They carry out various duties in the accommodation, including small repairs. Our porters can be identified by their green polo shirts. They always carry University ID.


Damage caused by POSTERS and PICTURES must be paid for

Please do NOT use BLUE TAC, GLUE, SELLOTAPE or NAILS to attach pictures and posters to the bedroom walls or the woodwork. This causes damage to the décor and you will be charged for this. Please use the notice boards (where provided). Please use drawing pins or picture hooks only.

If you wish to protect photos you can Blue-tac them to card and pin the card to the notice board. No wall mounted units or shelving should be fitted within the property.


RECYCLING - do your bit for the environment

The University of Edinburgh takes the issue of recycling seriously. You will find recycling initiatives in and around the larger blocks of accommodation. Please familiarise yourself with the recycling arrangements where you live and do your bit to protect the environment.


It is your responsibility to report when REPAIRS are needed

Please report all repairs promptly by phone, email or letter to your Accommodation Manager. Alternatively, you can report repairs in person at Pollock Halls Reception within office hours. Please do not assume that someone else has reported a repair; they usually haven't!

In the event of an emergency repair, out of office hours, you should contact Pollock Halls Reception on 0131 667 1971.

Please note very few repairs are truly an emergency and most will wait until the next working day. Security will be able to inform you whether or not it is an emergency.

Please note that University maintenance staff and outside contractors may require access to your flat and room to carry out repairs and maintenance, and if this is the case, they will sign for keys from your Accommodation Managers Office. Prior notice of their visit cannot be guaranteed. All University of Edinburgh personnel have some form of identification; please ask to see if you are in any doubt about someone requiring access to your room.

If you have not received an acknowledgment of your repair within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) of reporting it, please contact your Accommodation Manager again.


Lock doors - ask for ID - report incidents

Ensure that your flat door is closed and locked at ALL times, even when you are in.

It is also essential that you close your windows when you go out.

Please do not allow strangers to enter the building and ensure the main door to the building is locked whenever you leave or enter the building.

All University personnel should have identification. Please do not hesitate to ask for identification from anyone who requires access to your flat.

In the event of your flat being broken into, please contact Police on 101 to report the crime. You should also inform your Accommodation Manager (or the Reception Centre, Pollock Halls if outwith office hours); they will arrange for any repairs required to doors or windows.


SECURITY STAFF on 24 hours a day

Accommodation, Catering and Events employ security staff who are based at Pollock Halls. They work a 24 hour shift pattern and are therefore available outwith normal office hours on 0131 667 1971. If you require assistance from the Security Team, please contact the Reception Centre, Pollock Halls. The Security Team always wear uniform and carry identification with them to prove who they are.

You can also contact them via e-mail at

For the Security team to provide appropriate assistance to you please provide as much information about yourself and the situation you are reporting as possible. From the information provided the Security staff will assess and decide whether immediate action is required or whether your email should be passed to an Accommodation Manager or the Residence Life staff for further action.


All of our accommodation is non-smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes. A fine up to a maximum of £250 will be applied under the Code of Student Conduct if any resident or their guest/s are found to be smoking in any of our accommodation.


Help reduce our environmental impact

One of Accommodation, Catering and Events' major business objectives is "to operate in a sustainable and environmentally effective and beneficial way". With the introduction in 2009 of a Sustainability Policy, we're actively working to reduce our environmental impact, and making our students and staff more aware of environmental issues.


We do NOT provide telephones in our Returning Student flats

The family flats which have internet AND telephony services is provided by Optify. This service provides high quality broadband internet and IP telephony.

For more information about the availability of the internet and telephone services provided please visit:

IT facilities and services

Some flats are wired for a telephone, but it would be your responsibility to arrange re-connection if desired and you will be responsible for all associated charges. Please be aware that minimum contract periods may be longer than your lease.

For more information please visit:


There are heavy penalties for failing to have a licence

Every TV set requires a TV licence - this means that if you have a TV (including a TV card in your PC) you are required to have a TV licence.

Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to pay for the licence, and the fines for noncompliance with the law are extremely heavy. Licences and information on methods of payment are available from Post Offices.

Further information


Don't lose your right to VOTE

It is important that you register to vote. To check on your eligibility to vote and for advice on how to register please visit


Flush through the WATER SYSTEM if your flat has been unoccupied

If the flat has been left empty for any length of time, particularly in summer, then it is important that any water that has been standing is drained away. Please flush through your water systems in both bathroom and kitchen by running the water for five minutes. Keep out of the way whilst this is being done as far as possible.  Where showers are fitted, please flush them through by running them for at least five minutes and flush the toilet a few times to ensure all stagnant water is cleared through the pipes. Report any concerns about the quality of the water (odour, colour or taste), poor water flow or pressure, water hammer (noisy pipes), tepid cold water or lukewarm hot water to your Accommodation Manager.