One exciting part of coming to university is meeting all sorts of new people and experiencing different ideas. Culture can include specific nationalities or can be extended to include the arts (theatre, cinema, dance, art museums, etc). Our holiday and cultural events highlight the wonders of our world, diversity and help residents learn about those living near them. Come celebrate with us!

How do we promote inter cultural understanding and global citizenship?

Promoting inter-cultural understanding and global citizenship is one of the basic tenets of the Residence Life goals. It is one of the goals that guides residence staff when planning events and activities. Due to the large numbers of international students in our university accommodation our staff hosts events that allow the students to meet, live with, embrace and learn from others from around the globe on their floor, in the common rooms, in their shared flats, and across the site and all of our residences. 

Many of our most successful events are multicultural holiday celebrations and traditional Scottish events i.e. ceilidhs. We also offer a number of different trips to places that international students or students on their study abroad years may find interesting (more information on trips can be found on our Excursions page)

Typical cultural awareness and holiday celebration events include ...

  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • American Thanksgiving
  • Lunar New Year celebration
  • Christmas decorating and holiday parties
  • Potluck dinners
  • Ceilidhs
  • Burns Night celebration
  • Hanukkah
  • Fashion shows
  • Trips to the theatre to see local productions such as the opera, ballet and plays

... and many more!

For more information about our cultural awareness events please visit our events calendar or contact your RA.