Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking up to and including the final day of booking. This refund will be processed and the account you used to book will be credited within 5 working days.

After the booking deadline refunds will not be issued. You may “sell” your space to another University of Edinburgh student / staff member. An email must be sent to with the booking reference and the name, student number and accommodation of the two people that wish to swap.
If you fail to attend on the day of the excursion, no refund will be given.

Late Policy

Excursions are planned for the enjoyment of residents. Late arrivals affect the rest of the party. Please be advised the Residence Life team will not delay a bus beyond 10 minutes of the scheduled departure time.

Students that anticipate arriving late must telephone the excursion mobile number, which can be found in the confirmation email, to notify a member of Residence Life staff. There is no guarantee that we will be able to delay the coach.