Academic achievement is one of the top priorities of students, therefore creating communities that support academic studies is a priority for Residence Life. We believe our accommodation is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It should also be a place that is a community of living AND learning. Learning does not take place just in the classroom. Residents should be encouraged to create, implement, and share tools and techniques that foster academic success.

To foster this environment Residence Life staff organise events that promote academic and curricular growth and skill development.

Wine & Cheese Lecture Series

To inspire residents and widen their knowledge of topics they might not see during their regular course studies Residence Life started the Wine & Cheese Lecture Series in 2011 and it has grown ever since. Members of the university community and beyond are invited to host an evening on a topic of their choice.

The lectures are generally held twice a month, depending on the constraints of the academic calendar during that month. They are scheduled for two hours to allow for the topic presentation and a mix and mingle as well as student discussion.

Feedback from those who attended has shown that students enjoy being able to interact with a lecturer in a less formal environment. They also enjoyed the opportunity to mix with individuals from different schools who shared a common interest in the evening's theme.

The 2015 - 2016 Wine and Cheese Programme is now available to view on our Events Calendar, places are limited so book early so that you don't miss your place!

Study Groups

During online eInduction, students will be asked if they are interested in joining a study group and which topics/fields they would like to join. During the accommodation welcome talks Accommodation Managers, Resident Assistants & Wardens will facilitate the organisation of study groups based on this information.


PALS is a peer-assisted learning scheme aimed at helping students adapt to university life and study. In small informal groups, second-, third- and fourth-year volunteers (student leaders,  SLs) offer support to first year students in a range of subjects in a series of fortnightly meetings during the year. 

These sessions provide the opportunity to ask the questions which new students feel are too awkward to put to lecturers or tutors (e.g. the questions that seem 'stupid'!). They will be tailored to the experiences of new students and will also provide advice on study skills, using library resources, essay writing, and other academic issues.

Many PAL sessions are now held in our residences and at Pollock Halls with the support of Residence Life for more information contact your School PALS coordinator or Cheryl Hutton in the Residence Life Office.


Other typical academic events

  • RA led walks to your classes (prior to the start of class, so you know where you are headed on day one)
  • Book club
  • Presentation practice
  • Dissertation Q & A
  • Landing an internship
  • Peer proofreading 
  • Referencing tips
  • Academic conferences
  • How to ace your exams

For more information about our current and past academic events and to book your place, please visit our events calendar. Please also send any suggestions of events or initiatives you would like to see to Residence Life Coordinator, Cheryl Hutton at