Date: Saturday, 5 November 2016

Time: 09:00 -18:15

Location: Hadrian's Wall and Carlisle

Address: Hadrian's Wall and Carlisle

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Visit Birdoswald Roman Fort and you’ll be blown away by the longest continuous stretch of Hadrian’s Wall. It’s an incredible sight that really makes you appreciate this feat of Roman engineering. You’ll immediately be transported back in time, imagining yourself as a Roman soldier guarding their Empire and keeping a watchful eye out for invading troops.


One of 16 forts built as part of the Hadrian’s Wall frontier system, today the ruins of Birdoswald Roman Fort are some of the best preserved of any along the Wall.

Enter the excavated area of the fort through the main west gate, one of the four double gates on each side of the fort. As you enter you’ll notice that to the right of the west gate is the most impressive masonry you'll find anywhere on Hadrian’s Wall.

After the Romans left Britain, people continued to live on the site, so, as well as the Roman history, there are a further 1000 years of human occupation to discover here.

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  • 09:00 depart Pollock Halls to Birdoswald
  • 11:30 Arrive at Birdoswald Fort
  • 13:00 Depart Birdoswald for Carilsle
  • 13:45 Arrive Carlisle
  • 14:00 Visit Carlisle Castle
  • 15:00 Free time in Carlisle
  • 16:00 Depart Carlisle
  • 18:15 Return to Pollock Halls

Cost £18

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