Accommodation Managers

All University halls and residences are managed by an Accommodation Manager (AM), a full time member of staff working Monday - Friday who is not personally resident in the accommodation. Unlike their counterparts in University flats, AMs in halls are less likely to be involved with providing pastoral care or resolving students' problems.


Wardens in halls are members of University staff or postgraduate students and are employed to look after students' interests while they are living in University accommodation. They are appointed to a specific house and are resident within that house. Wardens have responsibility, when required, for pastoral care and for student discipline within their house. Wardens are assisted in their duties by Resident Assistants (RAs). The actual number of staff varies depending on the size of the house concerned. Any students who are experiencing difficulties should be referred in the first instance to their Warden.

Wardens can be contacted via their house email address, they also hold office hours which are times when an Resident Assistant or Warden will be available for face-to-face contact in the House Office.

Resident Assistants

We employ students as Resident Assistants (RAs) they must be in their second year of study (at least) and have experience of living in shared accommodation. RAs are resident in the property and are on duty on a rota basis each night and weekend during the semester. They have a vital role in organising social and sporting events for residents. If a student feels lonely or that they are becoming isolated, the RA will visit and try to introduce them to others or encourage them to attend social functions. If the RA feels there is a deeper problem, the matter will be referred to the Warden.

Out of hours assistance

During semester, one of our staff (Warden or Resident Assistant) is always available to be contacted outside normal working hours. They can be contacted via the Reception Centre at Pollock Halls, dial 0131 667 1971 or 0 from the phone in your room. This call out service is only intended for emergencies only - matters which cannot wait to be resolved until normal office opening hours.