For CURRENT students who wish to apply for university accommodation, please complete the application form in the link below.

Current Students Application

For all NEW UG and PGs, please apply for your accommodation by following the instructions below.

Moving away from home for the first time should be exciting but it can be daunting too… we are committed to helping you make that transition as easy as possible.  This guide should tell you everything you need to know.

Applications for accommodation should be made separately from your application to study at the University of Edinburgh.

As soon as you have accepted your offer to study (and that’s whether the offer is an Unconditional OR Conditional offer) you can apply for accommodation via your MyED portal ( 

Unconditional Firm -  As soon as you have accepted your offer to study you can apply for accommodation via your MyEd portal (  Enter your username and password to login, click on the 'Student Life' tab and select 'Accommodation'.  Then 'Launch Services', and click ‘Term Time 2020 – 21’ to begin your application.

Conditional Firm, Conditional Insurance, Unconditional Insurance -  As soon as you have accepted your offer to study you can apply for accommodation via your MyEd portal (  Enter your username and password to login, click on ‘Manage My Accommodation Application’, then ‘Launch Services’ and click ‘Term Time 2020 – 21’ to begin your application.


When allocating we look at a student’s age, nationality, course; and try to find the best possible mix for potential flatmates.  We aim to create a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds yet also ensure we don’t have students who are studying the same course all living in the same flat – sometimes when you’ve worked with someone all day, you want to see a new face when you come home!

If you are starting as a mature student (whether Undergraduate or Postgraduate), we want to make sure that your accommodation is best suited to your needs, and we often reserve a few flats across our residences specifically for mature students.

We also never mix our Undergraduate students with our Postgraduate students (you each have different lease length requirements for a start!) so you’ll never find yourself in the same flat as a Postgrad if you are an Undergrad, and vice versa.

We usually begin allocating from May onwards, and we start with students who already hold Unconditional Firm offers.  We’re one of a few universities who DON’T allocate on a first come, first served basis.  We allocate proportionately; so for example, if we’ve been informed that 10% of students are Unconditional Firm, we’ll only allocate 10% of our accommodation. 

That being said, once you ARE Unconditional Firm (UF), we do look at applications in date order; so for example, someone who applied in March but became UF  in August, will be allocated before someone who applied in July and became UF in August.  We are aware that students become Unconditional at various points throughout the year – so we try to make our allocation process as fair as possible for all students.

Understand how you fit the guarantee criteria

The University of Edinburgh guarantees an offer of accommodation to all new single undergraduate students who meet the criteria below. However, we cannot guarantee to provide everyone with precisely the type of accommodation they would prefer; we do our best and find almost all students enjoy living in the accommodation they are offered but, whatever preferences you select, you should note these are preferences and not choices.

For students who do not fall under our guarantee criteria, you are still encouraged to apply as early as you can for accommodation and go on to our waiting list; we will do everything we reasonably can to provide an offer of accommodation but this will be subject to availability; any offers will typically be made in the date order we receive applications. 

If you are at all unsure about where you stand with the guarantee criteria please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Undergraduate guarantee

Postgraduate guarantee

Have your 5 preferences ready

Our accommodation is based across a number of sites, typically located within a short walk or bus ride from the buzz of Edinburgh’s centre; while many are close to key University locations, some are in increasingly popular and equally convenient areas of the city.  University accommodation offers…

  • convenient locations
  • comprehensive social, community and welfare networks from our Residence Life team
  • mixed gender residences, though some individual flats are single sex
  • laundry facilities
  • secure cycle storage
  • internet in each study bedroom
  • personal contents insurance

Before you start your application you should look at all our accommodation options and consider what is important to you – price; location; or bathroom facilities.  You should also note that we treat all 5 preferences equally and therefore you should be happy to stay in ANY room you list as a preference.

Know that we won’t ask for money upfront

When you apply for accommodation, we won’t ask you to pay and deposit or pre-payment; and we won’t ask for any guarantors.