As soon as you have accepted an offer to study at The University of Edinburgh, you should apply for accommodation; this is regardless of whether your offer is Unconditional OR Conditional.  Waiting until you have an Unconditional Offer may mean you miss our guarantee deadline.

UG Guarantee

PG Guarantee

(Please note that applications for accommodation should be made separately from any application to study at the University of Edinburgh). 

It is important that before you start your application you look at all the accommodation options and consider what is important to you – price; location; facilities etc.  You should also note that we treat all 5 preferences equally and therefore you should be happy to stay in any room you list as a preference.

All our accommodation can be seen through the Accommodation Search and include information such as photos, location, distance from campuses, facilities, and prices.

Accommodation Search

Accommodation Guides can be found on the UG guarantee and PG guarantee webpages linked above.

Applications for accommodation are open from around March for September arrivals, and from October for January (semester 2) arrivals.

Once you receive your Unconditional Offer we will make you an offer of accommodation.  You do not need to inform us when you become Unconditional Firm – we’ll be updated automatically.

We understand that some students are Unconditional before their exams, and that others will be waiting to receive their exam results through the summer, therefore we allocate rooms proportionally and NOT first come, first served.  For example, if we receive information from the University that 20% of applicants are Unconditional at a certain time, we will allocate 20% of the rooms across all our residences.  This means that all applicants will have an equal chance of getting one of their preferences. 

Accommodation offers are emailed out to students – so please ensure you apply using a valid email address and one which you check regularly.  If you plan on going away for the summer, please ensure you still have access to either your emails or the University’s MyED portal – or leave details with someone who can access either of these accounts on your behalf.  You will only have 7 days to accept or reject your offer – so it’s important you don’t miss any communications from us.

To accept the offer, you simply log on to the MyED portal where you will be prompted to provide us with one of the following approved payment methods, and accept the terms and conditions.  You will only have a maximum of 7 days to accept your offer – so it’s important you have your payment method ready to go. 

You may choose to either set up a payment plan; pay your rent in full; or select one of our UoE approved sponsors (If your sponsor is not one of our approved sponsors, you will need to accept your contract choosing to pay by instalments or payment in full, then ask your sponsor to compensate you direct). 

If you choose to pay in instalments you may pay:

  • by Recurring Card Payments (you will need to register a credit card or UK debit card with us at the point of acceptance)
  • by Direct Debit (only if you hold a UK bank account)

Payments are automatically collected on the 1st of the month, which means no manual payments are required from you (unless notified by our Rent Payment Team).

If you choose to pay in instalments UG Students may pay over 8 or 3 instalments, and PG Students may pay over 10 or 4 instalments. 

You can opt to make a one-off advance payment of £500, £1000 or £2000 when accepting your offer.  This advance payment is designed to make your repayments easier to manage.

If you choose to pay in full, you may pay:

  • by credit or UK debit card
  • by international bank transfer, through our partner Western Union Business Solutions.  (You will be able to accept your offer once this payment has been confirmed to us by Western Union.  This process usually takes 2 working days, depending on where you are sending the money from). 

We do not add any charges for paying in instalments; nor do we offer any reduction for paying in full.

Find more information on your payment options here

Applications for accommodation should be made separately from any application to study at the University of Edinburgh - use your Student Accommodation hub on MyEd to apply for accommodation. Before applying, please take time to read the information on this page, including the FAQs on online applications.

You will only be able to apply for accommodation once you have accepted an offer to study at the University of Edinburgh.

How to apply for accommodation

1. Go to

2. Login using your UUN and password


3. Go to the services tab and select 'myAccommodation'


4. On the myAccommodation page select 'Launch Services'

5. On the Student Accommodation Hub select the 2019 -2020 tab

6. Under the 'Application & Contract' box, select ‘Privacy Notice’ and read through the information here.  You may then select ‘Apply Now’


Log in to MyEd

Current students

If you would like to view our current vacancies for 2019/20 please contact the Allocations Department on 0131 651 2042.