Accommodation, Catering and Events has identified sustainable development that 'meets the needs of current customers and staff without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'. Sustainability is a process that helps us ensure we use resources wisely and in a way that takes into account associated environmental, social and economic effects.

Accommodation, Catering and Events is committed to placing sustainability at the heart of our mission... 

  • making sustainability integral to the delivery of facilities and services to all our customers
  • taking positive actions to promote continual environmental improvement
  • setting and achieving clearly defined sustainable development objectives and targets

Accommodation, Catering and Events believes that this work should also recognise the University of Edinburgh's Environmental policy of 1993 and so build on that policy.

1. Make sustainability a corporate priority

  • Encourage students, staff and, where possible, commercial customers to incorporate informed sustainability perspectives within their day to day activities.
  • Develop the capacity of staff to help promote understanding of the principles of sustainability

2. Develop and deliver appropriate education

  • Expose students where possible through the Residence Life suppor teams to concepts of social, ecological and ethical stewardship.
  • Provide staff with knowledge and skills so as to be able to assist in delivering the above 

3. Take leadership role in sustainability

  • Set best practice standards, meet or surpass the requirements of environmental legislation and commit to a process of continual environmental improvement.
  • Promote awareness of all legislative, economic, technical and market developments that assist progress towards sustainability.
  • Establish an Advisory Group to oversee implementation of this policy and associated programmes.

4. Contribute to stable community building

  • Build partnerships and create local information and learning networks for sharing experiences and knowledge of sustainability issues with all stakeholders
  • Operate in ways that maximise social and economic benefit while minimising any adverse impacts on the local community
  • Invest in staff development, value stakeholder involvement and promote social inclusion and equity

5. Maintain and develop Accommodation, Catering and Events in a sustainable manner

  • Promote continual improvement in maintenance practices and establish sustainability guidelines for internal and external design teams and contractors working on new build and refurbishment projects
  • Maximise the efficient use of energy and materials, continually improve pollution prevention measures and increase use of renewable resources
  • Minimise waste generation and encourage repair, reuse and recycling ahead of the responsible disposal of surplus materials
  • Promote practical measures to reduce the impact of travel, to and between University sites

6. Monitor and report on progress towards sustainability

  • Manage responsibly the social, environmental and economic impacts of all Accommodation, Catering and Events policies and practices and assess potential improvements in decision-making processes
  • Conduct reviews of all Accommodation, Catering and Events policies, management performance standards and operations against internal sustainability targets and best practice standards.