Repair notification procedure

If you need something repaired in your accommodation, you can follow the below steps:

  • By completing a repair form online using the "Repairs" button on MyEd (go to Student Life Tab, launch services, choose "My Accommodation Channel)
  • Verbally at your Flats or Halls Office, or at the Reception Centre, Pollock Halls
  • By phone to your Accommodation Manager
  • By letter to your Accommodation Manager

Please make sure you...

  • Always give as much information as you can about the repair you have requested
  • If you don't receive an acknowledgement for your repair request, there may be a problem; check with us!
  • Response times for repairs start from the time you receive our acknowledgement

Repair categories

Category and priority Definition Response time
1. Emergency Failures or defects causing or likely to cause widespread disruption, injury to persons, serious damage to the building fabric, services, equipment or property Within 2 hours
2. Urgent Failures or defects which do not present a serious risk of damage or injury, but will cause considerable disruption and inconvenience. Within 24 hours
3. Routine (high priority) Normal repairs which are unlikely to cause a high degree of inconvenience or risk to any persons or property Within 7 days maximum
4. Routine (low priority) Normal repairs which are unlikely to cause a high degree of inconvenience or risk to any persons or property. Within 21 days maximum
5. Cyclical (planned routine) As described in 3 and 4 above, but can be deferred to enable work to be batched and planned on a regular basis. Within 6 weeks

Please note: A University representative or tradesperson may make an initial visit to assess the work needed and/or make the situation safe. The actual repair MAY NOT be done during that visit, but SHOULD be carried out within the above timescales.

Communications with student customers

Accommodation, Catering and Events employees

  • Will give you at least 48 hours notice of property inspections and information gathering visits. PAT testing, fire alarm testing, fire equipment testing and other visits not connected with carrying out repairs.
  • Will respond repair requests by email in all cases
  • Our response will give the repair category of the work required.

Works Department employees

  • Will leave a visiting card in any flat or room entered, stating what work has been done or what happens next.
  • Will carry Works Department ID cards at all times and, during working hours, should wear corporate clothing.

Accommodation, Catering and Events and Works Department employees

  • Will always ring the front doorbell and or knock loudly on doors or bedroom doors before entering property. They may also announce their presence by shouting loudly in hallways.
  • Will at all times treat student customers with courtesy and respect their privacy.