The following regulations are agreed with Accommodation, Catering and Events at the University of Edinburgh to ensure that residents at Pollock Halls are not unnecessarily inconvenienced.

A. After the campaigning period begins, canvassing in houses at Pollock (knocking on doors) will only be permitted on the following days:

  • Sunday before polling between 3-6 pm only
  • Monday to Wednesday of polling week, between 6.30-8.30pm only

B. Canvassing elsewhere on site must not go beyond 10.00pm on any evening.

C. No canvassing in the dining area of the John McIntyre Centre is permitted.

D. Posters should only be put up on the posterboard fencing panels provided at Pollock for the Elections. There are three of these located at the entrance walkway to Pollock, outside the John MacIntyre Centre and the walkway through Holland Square. These are the only places that posters should be put up and Pollock staff will remove posters found elsewhere on campus.

E. There is normally no leafleting allowed at Pollock but during EUSA Election periods this will be permitted as long as candidates do not stick leaflets on doors or leave them in communal areas where they could be knocked over and become a slip hazard.

F. All candidates canvassing at Pollock must carry their University ID in case this is asked for by any member of staff at Accommodation Services. In addition, candidates will also be given an official Election Permit for canvassing at Pollock.

G. If at any stage any group appears not to follow these regulations, or if any group is particularly distracting for residents, staff at Accommodation Services will reserve the right to ask those concerned to leave the site immediately.