All students are bound by the Code of Student Conduct. The code also outlines the processes to be used by staff whether as a Conduct Investigator or Student Discipline Officer.

As residents you also have a contractual agreement with Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) and are bound by the terms and conditions of your lease. Students can view their lease at any time via the Accommodation channel in MyEd. 

Misuse of Fire Equipment & smoking in designated non- smoking buildings.

We have agreed automatic processes to apply fines and any costs associated with the following:-

  1. Misuse of fire equipment e.g. covering of smoke detector head.
  2. Non-evacuation of a building during a fire alarm activation.
  3. Smoking in a designated non- smoking building

Information relating to these procedures can be found in the on line induction which is sent to residents prior to arrival. This can also be viewed at any time via the Accommodation channel on MyEd. You will also find additional information on the ACE website.

You will always receive written notification of a fine/ charges being applied and given details of why this action is being taken. Please contact your Warden in the first instance if you wish to appeal the fine.

If you are involved in an incident for which action may be taken under the Code of Student Conduct you will be advised in writing of the need to meet with a Conduct Investigator. This will be the Warden or Residence Life Coordinator for your property.

Please note we will always use your University student e-mail address to contact you. The letter/ e-mail will include the following information/ guidance:-

  1. The reason for the meeting
  2. Whether or not, dependant on the outcome of the investigation, there is a possibility of action being taken under the Code of Student Conduct; you will also be provided with a web link to the code.
  3. That you may be accompanied and/or represented at the meeting with a member of the University community, including a member of EUSA.

You will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Give your recollections of events
  2. To advise whether you feel safe in your accommodation.
  3. To raise any welfare concerns that should be taken into consideration, if yes, your Warden / Accommodation Manager will advise on the support available within A.S. and the wider University.

Residence Life Team

Student Disability Service

We advise students to make their Personal Tutor (PT) aware of any incident that may have a negative impact on your academic studies. 

You must feel that you have been heard and been given every opportunity to explain what your role in the incident, if any, has been.

Once the investigation has been completed you will be provided with a record of the meeting and advised of the findings of the investigation and whether or not the matter is to be referred to a Student Discipline Officer for disciplinary action. You will be asked to sign your agreement to the record of the meeting (where possible) or to confirm your agreement in writing.

Role of Student Discipline Officers

The role of the Student Discipline Officer is clearly defined in the Code of Student Conduct. The disciplinary action, which ACE will usually take, is to apply a fine up to a maximum of £250 plus any associated costs associated with the incident. 

The Code of Student Conduct & Termination of lease

The Code of Student Conduct states that Accommodation, Catering and Events may terminate the occupancy of University Managed accommodation by any resident with one months’ notice. In the case of gross misdemeanour, the Student Discipline Officer may order the termination of occupancy with 24 hours’ notice.

The student/s must receive written notification of the intent to terminate the lease and this must be delivered by Sherriff officers or by recorded delivery. The Accommodation Manager for the property will prepare the appropriate paperwork & arrange for the notice to be served.

If you receive notice to vacate the property we would advise that you seek independent advice from The Advice Place as soon as possible.

You should also make your Personal Tutor aware of the action being taken. Please remember there are a number of areas of support available to you within the University (See above).

The right to order the termination of occupancy within 24 hours will be taken only in exceptional circumstances. 

Gross Misdemeanour/ misconduct arises where a resident/s behaviour impacts negatively on the well- being and academic achievement of other residents or where it is considered that there is a risk of harm to others should they remain in residence. 

You will be asked if you have accommodation to move to. If not Accommodation, Catering and Events will take care to ensure that the student/s are provided with a temporary alternative, if required, to ensure the student/s are not rendered homeless. In this case the Student Discipline Officer will make sure contact is made with The Advice Place to ensure that independent advice is available for the students/s concerned.