To view your instalment plan, please log onto the MyEd Finance channel, services, view account, scroll down slightly and you should see a tab that says, "View instalment plan".  Here you will see the amount and dates for payment.

Using this link:

Please allow at least 10 working days before your next due instalment to allow the changes to take place.

Guide to changing Direct Debit payments

Guide to changing recurring credit card payments

No, in the UK payments made from a savings account is not permitted.

If you are intending to pay in advance of your collection date, please send your payment confirmation/receipt to before the 4th of each month to prevent being charged twice.

Our system is designed to only hold one set up bank details at any given time, either it being the recurring card method or direct debit. If you have set this up twice, the 2nd one will override the previous details.

When we apply for the rents from the banks and card providers, we have to do this in advance of the payment date.  This file is sent to the providers around the 6th of the month for the payment to be taken on 10th.  This will be locked down into the system and with the process being electronic, we cannot retrieve this file once it’s sent.

We request that students or parents don’t make any payments between the 4th and the 10th of the month to prevent double payments. The University of Edinburgh will not be responsible for any costs incurred in the event a duplicate payment is made to us.  If your account is in credit, please contact our team for a refund or we will allocate it against a future instalment.

You will have to contact the RPS (rent payment section) to ask if you can delay your payment.  This must be done around the 1st of the month:

Please call us on 0131 651 2118 or come and ask to speak to one of us at the reception centre in Pollock Halls.

Alternatively, you can do so by email to

It is because we still need to set up your instalment plan, don’t worry it can take a few weeks sometimes for us to set up all instalments plan at our busiest period. If we encounter any issues we will contact you, but in the meantime no actions are required from you.

No, you will be charged until the day of your transfer and your lease will then be transferred to your new property if this is within the University accommodation. We will then amend your account and inform you of this changes.

As the contract is with yourself, you are the person we must deal with directly, you can give permission to us to deal with your parents regarding any issues, but this must be put in writing to us.

You will be charged up to the day of your departure and any monies to be refunded will be refunded back to the original method of payment.  If you owe the University, we will send you an email with a statement attached requesting payment.

Credit balance refund policy

A credit balance occurs where the total of all payments is greater than the total of all accommodation charges and costs that are due. It can occur when a student makes a duplicate payment, transfer to a cheaper room or terminate their lease early.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the lease terms and conditions. See section 11 (Ending the tenancy).

Refund methods

In all cases the refund will be made to the original payee. This may be the student or a person or organisation paying on the student’s behalf such as a parent, employer or scholarship provider. The payee may provide written, verifiable, permission to send the refund to another named person or organisation. Any such request will be considered in line with UK money laundering laws.

Where the original payment was made by card via recurring card payment or online then the refund amount will be sent to the card used. For all other payments or if the card has expired the refund will be by bank transfer. If we do not hold the payees bank details, then we may consider alternative refund methods.

  • The Rent Payment team will endeavour to refund all eligible students within 4 weeks
  • All refunds will be calculated in UK Sterling but may be refunded in the currency of the original payment. The University will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.
  • Refunds will NOT be provided in cash

If documentary evidence is required, we will explain what we need to see and where the information is to be sent. Refund requests will be unable to be completed until all necessary information has been received.

Students and sponsors must not intentionally overpay the rental fees and related charges and costs due to the University in order to obtain their living costs or circumvent any government regulation or restriction. The University is not able to act as a clearance account and must abide by UK money laundering