Parking in Edinburgh can be summed up in a few words: not easy, not cheap and not fun.

It is better to use public transport or walk, if possible. Cycling is also a viable option.

If you must bring your car with you, you should be aware that parking in the city centre (which includes most of the University), at the Science and Engineering campus at King's Buildings, and also at the Medical School at Little France is extremely limited and tightly controlled.

City centre

In the city centre, on-street parking is controlled by a combination of meters and ticket machines.

The whole area is patrolled by traffic wardens, and the standard fine for parking violations is £60.

Off-street parking in the central area adjacent to the George Square campus is limited.

Pollock Halls

Residents at Pollock Halls should not bring cars with them. Due to limited space at Pollock, the only parking places available are for those who are registered disabled - those with "blue-badge" status.

Parking permits

Some blocks of university accommodation do have small car parks. You will need a permit to park in these places.