As part of our ongoing commitment to providing fresh food and healthy alternatives in our outlets, we offer a wide variety of healthy and nutritious food, including soups, salad bar items, main meals, pizza and pasta.

In recognition of our Healthy Food Agenda, we have been we have received a number of awards:

'Eat Safe' award

The main aim of the scheme is to provide an incentive to caterers to strive for food hygiene and food safety management standards beyond those required by law. It also helps consumers to make informed choices about where to eat out by providing a recognisable "sign of excellence" in standards of food hygiene.

'Healthy Living' award

Accommodation, Catering and Events at the University of Edinburgh has to date achieved 12 Healthy Living Awards across 14 of its catering operations. Accommodation, Catering and Events took the strategic decision to work towards achieving the Healthy Living Award, which is a Scottish national award giving recognition to caterers and the food service sector who take a range of steps to provide healthier options.

'Food For the Brain' award

The University of Edinburgh was the first ever "Food For The Brain" University in the UK and achieved this award in 2007 and has been successful with an annual re-assessment every year since achieving the award. The aim of the award is to promote awareness of the link between learning, behaviour, mental health and nutrition and to educate and provide educational to promote mental health through optimum nutrition.