Do I need to clean my flat/room before I leave?

Yes, failure to clean your flat/room before departure may lead to cleaning charges if the flat is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition by your Accommodation Manager. However well maintained throughout the year, final cleaning takes longer than students often expect. Make sure not to leave your cleaning to the last minute.

Things to clean include, but are not restricted to:

  • Your room
  • The kitchen and any utlities such as oven and work surfaces
  • Defrosting the fridge and removing all foodstuffs
  • The bathroom
  • All communal hall areas in your flat
  • Windows in your flat
  • A full cleaning checklist is provided in your moving our pack.

Make sure any cleaning equipment is working in advance and ask for a replacement if necessary - failure to clean because of faulty equipment is not considered a valid excuse and you may still be liable for cleaning charges.


There is a lot to clean! Any tips to get this done quickly?

Sort out a cleaning rota with your flatmates! Agree who is responsible for particular areas in your flat. Leave enough time for cleaning. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms will take much longer than you expect. If some of your flatmates are leaving earlier make sure they do their part too! 


What do I need to keep/throw away?

Anything that is not in your inventory from when you moved in should either be taken with you or thrown away. Costs for removal of non-inventory items/excessive rubbish left in your flat will be split amongst all tenants of the property.  

Your accommodation manager has noted all larger items stored in your flat during term time and will identify responsible parties for any abandoned furnishings/items. If you need help removing any large items call the Edinburgh City Council for Special Uplift services on 0131 529 3030.


Where do I put my rubbish?

Dispose of rubbish bags accordingly in your communal bins/recycling. Any bags left next to communal bins will be liable to fines by Edinburgh Council. Bags of rubbish left in communal stairwells or in your flat will be charged at £5 per bag removed. Any larger items or subject to contractors fees for removal.  See above for information on Edinburgh Council's Special Uplift service.



What if there are damages to my flat?

Any damages caused by tenants may be charged to them at the end of the lease. This may include carpet and curtain cleaning. Make sure to contact your Accommodation Manager to advise them of any repairs before you leave. 



What do I do with my keys?

Make sure to tag your keys with the key tag provided in your moving out pack and put them in your Key Return envelope. Make sure to sign and date the envelope to confirm that you have done this and to avoid any missing key charges. Once done, leave the envelope on your kitchen table for collection by your accommodation manager. If you are leaving before your contract date, please contact your Accommodation Manager to arrange a drop off of your keys.

All sets of keys must be present and correctly tagged as the flat will be required immediately for new tenants. Any charges for key cutting/lock changes as a result of non-returned keys will be charged. 



Can you redirect my mail to my new address?

Accommodation Services are unable to redirect your mail. All post received after you leave will be returned to the sender. Collect and complete a post redirection form from any Post Office (this is a chargeable service) to make sure any post is redirected accordingly.

Utilities and bills (where not included in rent)

Will my gas and electric bills just cancel automatically when I move out?

No, your gas and electricity supplies need to be terminated by you when you leave and final meter readings supplied to your utility provider. You are liable for charges right up until the final date on your lease and not the date you actually leave the property (if earlier than your lease and date). Even when there is no consumption, daily standing charges are applied for each day the account runs. 

To assist incoming students it will be helpful if you could provide information about your current utility suppliers on the form included with your NTQ. Forwarding addresses should also be included. 


I have a non Keycom telephone/internet service, does this cancel automatically when I move out?

No, you will need to finalise the bill directly with your provider and have this disconnected if you have a private provider such as BT or Virgin supplying your services. This needs to be arranged at least two weeks in advance of your move out date. 

It would be helpful if you provide details of your supplier and telephone number for the flat. This will help the next tenant should they wish to activate the telephone line.


Will you notify Edinburgh Council of my move?

If you have been paying council tax then it is your responsibility as tenants to advise Edinburgh Council of your date of departure. Please note that Edinburgh Council remove 'student status' from tenants as soon as they are shown as 'successfully completed' by University Registry. If this is your final year you will become liable for Council Tax on the day your course officially ends