The University has a number of computing facilities available to students which will allow you connect to the university networks and the internet.

Computing laboratories

If you do not have access to the University network through your personal computer, or wish to access course software, there are many open access and departmental computing laboratories which you can use.

University computing labs are located in various locations around the University. Although opening hours vary, they generally provide printing and scanning facilities. Please see the link below for details regarding the various open access labs (locations, opening hours, etc.)

Wireless access

For laptop users, wireless access is available in many locations on the University campuses.

In accommodation the Optify wireless service is available in most common rooms and pantries.

Please note there is no guaranteed wireless service in your bedroom. There may be incidental coverage from a nearby pantry but this is not supported. The wireless service is not designed to cover residential rooms which have a wired connection providing a faster and more stable service.