The objective of the Community Support team is to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment to all students, staff and visitors at Accommodation, Catering and Events.

The Community Support Office is located in the main Reception Centre at Pollock Halls and deals with all aspects of the estate's safety & security.  The team consists of a community support management team supported by community support officers and assistants staff working various shift patterns over 24 hours a day to ensure that the our estate portfolio is a safe and friendly place to work, study and to visit.

Reporting of a crime or incident

Community Support are normally the first point of contact when it comes to reporting a crime or incident that takes place at Accommodation, Catering and Events premises and involves any person using our facilities. We recommend that any victim of a crime should report this to the local Police service on 0131 311 3131 or 101. Community Support staff will support staff, students or visitors contacting the police and provide assistance in any investigation.

Useful numbers

To request assistance from the Community Support Team @ ACE:

On Pollock Halls Campus – dial 0 or 6666 from your room telephone, from a mobile call 0131 667 1971 or visit the reception centre  

From managed properties or self-catering flats:  Dial 0131 667 1971 or visit the reception centre 


Emergency email:

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