Finding accommodation for next year

Whether you want to stay with a group of friends, whether on your own or with your family, visit our Student Homes website to see what is currently on offer.

How do you view?

Our adverts will go live from 7 February 2018.

Each flat will have a viewing time listed and you should go to the flat during the advertised viewing time to gain access.  No special arrangement needs to be made as the viewing times have been agreed with the current tenants. 

So, whether you want to stay with a group of friends, your family, or even on your own, visit our new Student Homes website - via the link below - to see for yourself what we can offer you!

Student Homes website

How do you reserve a flat?

28 February 2018 
All Group Flats of 2 bedrooms or more.

1 March 2018
Couple Flats and single person flats.

All students who wish to reserve a flat must complete the below application form; each form will be entered into a draw to determine their place in the queue to reserve flats.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAW BY 12.00 NOON ON THE DAY OF RESERVATION

Student Homes application form (.doc)


Applications will not be accepted until 28 February for group flats and 1 March for Couple and single person flats and access to JMCC will be granted from 11.00 AM onwards.

  •   Any groups who arrive after 12.00 noon will not be placed into the lottery and will be able to reserve flats on a first come first served basis after the students who have elected to go into the lottery.  Please be aware many flats will have already been reserved by this point.
  •   Once your group's form has been drawn you will be directed to a separate room and queued in an order according to the lottery draw.  You will then be asked which flat you wish to reserve.  
  •   You may have to queue to reserve your flat for around 2-3 hours.  Not all members of your group need to be present you can appoint one person from your group to reserve a flat but all details must be completed on your application form

There are many benefits from choosing to rent from the University of Edinburgh

  • Contents Insurance included in the rent
  • Data and telephony services included in the rent in the majority of our flats
  • Our support network will still be available to you, at all times
  • A wide choice of flats and studios, so you can share with your friends or live independently
  • No hidden extras or upfront charges
  • We don't charge for carrying out any credit checks
  • No parent needs to act as guarantor and we will not ask for any references

If you have any questions or queries regarding our flats or how to reserve a flat please contact us as at Pollock Reception Monday – Friday 9.00-17.00 or on 0131 651 2042.