UpayChilli is the University in-house cashless catering system, which allows you to make cashless payments with your University card or mobile phone at a range of catering outlets managed by The University.

A secure website enables you to set up an account and then pay with your student/staff card or mobile phone and receive benefits on purchases as well as a further range of loyalty and promotion offers exclusive to UpayChilli users.

Central area

  • Library Cafe, George Square
  • Absorb Cafe, Appleton Tower
  • Exchange Cafe, Business School, Buccleuch Place
  • ECAfe, Lauriston Place
  • Levels Café and Lounge
  • Bar@JMCC, Pollock Halls
  • ECCI Café, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Infirmary Street
  • DHT Café, David Hume Tower, George Square
  • The Ground Café, Chrystal McMillan Building, George Square 

Other areas

  • KB Café, Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library, King's Buildings
  • Upstairs Cafe, Michael Swann Building, King's Buildings
  • XY Café, Roger Land Building, King's Buildings
  • Brücks, Mary Brück Building, Kings Building
  • The Drum, QMRI, Little France
  • Nucleus, IGMM, Western General Hospital
  • Dolly's, Roslin Institute
  • View Cafe, Easter Bush
  • The Eng Inn, Hudson Beare Building, King's Buildings
  • Various discounts and promotions as well as a fantastic loyalty scheme where you can collect points for a range of food and drinks. Such deals are not available to those paying by either cash or with debit or credit cards.
  • It is a good way to plan your budget – you can only spend what is in your account and you can either top-up your account as you go, set up auto top-ups or confirm the level of top-up you would wish to automate.
  • Safer than cash. Only you know how much money is held on the card and, if reported lost or stolen, you can go to either one of our Card Help Desks and they will issue a new card which will block your lost card or you can log into your account and block it yourself.
  • You can load money on the go using your mobile phone, or tablet or at any desktop, and so do not need to carry cash and loose change or hunt for the nearest cash machine.
  • A convenient way to pay for meals at all UoE catering outlets (excludes EUSA).
  • Reduced queuing times as speed of service is improved – simply tap and go.
  • Live account balance.
  • Detailed statements.

1. Register for an account

Go to www.upaychilli.com on any of the following internet browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox or Safari or download the free UpayChilli app from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store.

 You can also use the “services” channel in MyEd to access www.upaychilli.com

Click on the ‘Register my UpayChilli Account’ button and enter:

  • UOE (into company affiliate ID box)
  • Click continue
  • Enter your staff or student number (into user ID box)

You will then be prompted to confirm your details. Please confirm and continue to complete the registration form.

  • You will need to verify your account and will need to have access to either your email or your mobile number for this verification step. Once you have received your verification code, please enter it in to the designated box and click ‘continue’. If you have not received this email, please check your spam folder or click resend ‘email’
  • If you still have not received an e-mail with your verification code please, return to UpayChilli screen and click “resend e-mail.”
  • We will not pass your details on to 3rd party sources and the content of the mail outs will be service and Upay related news/ information.


2. Login

  • Once registered, login to UpayChilli by going to www.upaychilli.com and enter your username & password.

All items that are available for sale at the University-managed catering outlets (excludes alcohol). See  - Where can I use UpayChilli?

This is called “guest Top-Up” and allows your friends and family to top-up your account.

You can access a guest top-up page from within your UpayChilli account to invite others to do this via both email or SMS.

Your friend and family can access guest Top-Up via the home screen, they just need to click on the ‘Guest Pay’ button to start.

Funds will be transferred into your account immediately.

You can top-up three different ways:


Pay as you go Top-Up is the conventional way of topping up your account and just go to the main account menus and click “Top-Up”. You can top up from a minimum of £15 and multiples of £5 above or any other amount you wish.

Auto Top-Up

This is an optional feature that tops-up your account when you hit a pre-set minimum amount, so that you never run out of money on your account.

To sign up for Auto Top-Ups you, click the ‘Auto Top-Up’ tab from the Account menu. Then choose the ‘Auto Top-Up’ option. You will then be asked to set a minimum Auto Top-up trigger amount. 

Once you have set your trigger amount, you will then need to set up your revalue amount. This is the amount that your account is topped-up by. Please choose from the amounts listed or enter a different value via the ‘Other’ button.

Quick Top-Up

This is an alternative option to Auto Top-Ups. When your account reaches a pre-set minimum amount we will email you to let you know. This email will contain a link that will take you straight to the Top-Up process.

If you have selected a card already, all you need to do is enter your card’s security code and confirm. If not, you can choose from a list of your pre-selected cards or enter some new card details.

The minimum trigger amounts and revalue amounts follow the same structure as Auto Top-Ups. When signing up for “quick Top-Up” you will need to set your minimum trigger amount. Please choose from one of the options presented or enter a different value via the “Other” button.

You can view itemised statements of all expenditure to keep your spending on track and monitor your transactional history. You will also be able to see when you have added funds in to your account.

You are able to access statements on your desktop or on your mobile/tablet by going to your main account menu and clicking ‘Statements’.

On the statements screen, you will see a drop down menu which will give you the option to review your expenditure in different time views. The standard statement view is set to the last 30 days, however you are able to review your purchases monthly, or by month to date.

The five icons on the right hand side of the statement represent a print, plus, minus icon, text size up and text size down icon. The plus icon expands the statement to show your transaction details. The minus icon shrinks the statement to show basic transactional details.

Should you have insufficient funds in your account to settle a transaction you will have a one-off overspend allowance up to £1 to complete the transaction. This facility is only available once after which your account must be topped up.

Management of your account and card is your responsibility, not the University’s. Only you will know how much money is held in your account.

If you discover your card is lost you will have the opportunity to block and unblock your card online with UpayChilli. Alternatively contact one of our Card Help Desks to issue a new card which block you old card so that all monies are then protected and transferred over. If you have downloaded the UpayChilli app you will still be able to use your phone for payment.

All account sums are at risk when a card is lost until your account is blocked or a replacement card issued at one of our Card Help Desks.

You must report your card as lost or stolen to a Card Help Desk. There is a charge £10 for a lost, stolen or damaged card.

Once you receive your new card, you are ready to start using it immediately.

Take care of your card, it is your responsibility.

If the card is not faulty but does not work with cashless catering, please contact upay.chilli@ed.ac.uk

The card must be used by the holder and is not transferable. Monies on the card are not transferable to other individuals or third parties and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any misuse of the card may result in disciplinary action and if necessary involve Security and the Police.

The value on your card can be used all year round to suit yourself. At certain times of the year some of the outlets may not be open or offer a reduced service but you can still use UpayChilli and there will still be loyalty offers.

Your points do not expire and can be rolled forward year on year and spent as you wish

On graduation or termination of employment with the University all balances remaining on UpayChilli accounts will remain for a period of six months for users to spend. Any unspent sums remaining after this six month period will be retained by the University.

Refunds on UpayChilli will only be made if the University terminates the service or on specific grounds a student or member of staff leaves the University. Specific grounds exclude graduation, termination of employment or visiting students returning home. 

If the grounds for termination are satisfied a refund will be provided and the user must contact: upay.chilli@ed.ac.uk

Any accounts found to be inactive for more than 18 months will be closed. There will be no refunds if there is a period of 18 months or more inactivity. Remaining balances will be retained by The University.