Join the cashless revolution!

UpayChilli, the University of Edinburgh's cashless catering system is an exclusive service for all staff and students that allows you to pay for a range of catering in University-managed outlets with your University card or your mobile.

What do I do next?

In order to register go to and make sure you type in the Company Affiliate ID which is - UOE

Key Benefits

  • Various discounts and promotions as well as a fantastic loyalty scheme where you can collect points for a range of food and drinks. Such deals are not available to those paying by either cash or with debit or credit cards.

  • It is a good way to plan your budget - you can only spend what is in your account and you can either top-up your account as you go, set up auto top-ups or confirm the level of top-up you would wish to automate.

  • Safer than cash. Only you know how much money is held on the card and, if reported lost or stolen, you can go to either one of our helpdesks and they will issue a new card which will block your lost card or you can log into your account and block it yourself.

  • You can load money on the go using your mobile phone, or tablet or at any desktop, and so do not need to carry cash and loose change or hunt for the nearest cash machine.

  • A convenient way to pay for meals at all UoE catering outlets (excludes EUSA).

  • Reduced queuing times as speed of service is improved - simply tap and go.

  • Live account balance.

  • Detailed statements.

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