Soup of the day

Cream of mushroom (V) with crusty bread selection


Chefs grill –Minute steak with creamy peppercorn sauce  (gf) 

Beef steak and onion pie with a puff pastry topping

Breaded haddock fillet with tartare sauce

Quorn mushroom escalope (v)

Vegetable korma & naan bread (v)


Chunky fries (v) (vg) (gf)

Baton carrots (v) (vg) (gf)

New potato (v) (vg) (gf)

Seasoned rice (v) (vg) (gf)

Assorted salad & Caesar bar

A selection of 15 freshly prepared salads including mixed lettuce & rocket leaves, mixed seeds, Parmigiano cheese shavings with wholemeal croutons & a selection of salad dressings.  

Baked sweet potato (v) (vg) (gf)


Assorted doughnut selection (v)

Assorted fresh fruit –Bananas Plums Oranges Kiwi Red apples Green apples 

Assorted flavoured Bio yoghurts (v)      Fruit salad (v) (vg) (gf)

Hot & cold beverages with tap water readily available 

(v) = Suitable for vegetarian    (gf) = Gluten free    (vg) = Vegan

*The daily menu selection is subject to availability and may change